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GSLIS Mixer and Trivia

On Friday LISSA (Library and Information Science Student Association) had a GSLIS Mixer and Trivia night at the Bell in Hand Tavern here in Boston. LISSA is a student group you are automatically entered in once you start here at Simmons GSLIS and they plan different types of events, everything from Guest Speakers to Trivia nights.
Let’s just state that my group had the best name of the night. I had some pretty funny names (being somewhat of a trivia connoisseur) but we decided to go with “This is how we Dewey it” (which I thought was weak to my other suggestion: “Junk in the truncation” [which is hysterical I might add]) but majority rules and we went with Dewey. Clearly we won the name contest.
Then the trivia began. What do you ask a bunch of Library Science students you ask? Oh just some facts about Libraries/Librarians. The first round asked pop culture related questions. One such example is the quote:
“Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Connell, but I am proud of what I am… I… am a librarian. ” and sadly enough I was the only one who knew that it was from The Mummy.
My group missed one question and we were in a DOMINATING lead. The next round was history. I did not do so well here, but we held our top spot. Then were were given a sheet of obscure acronyms. A group called the “Furry Aardvarks” (who were in second place) tied us after this round. Then it came down to the last round. One of our teammates had to go read questions for the round called “Random” and oh man was that round random! Crippled by the loss of a key player after this round we dropped to second and never recovered. I call shenanigans. We should have won… Also, we never got points for winning best group name. What is up with that?
All and all, despite our second place finish it was a lot of fun. Library Science students packed the second floor of this bar and I got to meet some cool people. Simmons GSLIS has about 800 students currently enrolled (one of the biggest LIS programs) and you tend to only get to know the people in your classes. This was a good chance for me to meet some Archives, Dual Degree and even some PhD students.