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It is my last semester and I am seriously kicking myself in the rear for not applying for “more school” because I really do not want to be a grown up. (Yes, I realize the fact that I am 24 and therefore an adult but as long as I am in school I can be in denial.) Now that the semester is underway, I need to start seriously applying for jobs. So I thought I would share some solid websites/listserv’s and job hunting venues with you.

    ALA JobList:
This is the American Library Association job site and contains up-to-date job openings. My favorite part of this website is the face that I “like” them on facebook. The facebook page posts dozens of different links, blogs and articles all around the topic of finding a job. I have read some seriously helpful information from this website and facebook.
For Massachusetts the Library Board of Commissioners maintains a job listing database here: This is helpful for professional and pre-professional roles. (It is always a good idea to look here for experience; it is where I found job posting for one of my current part-time jobs.)
Simmons GSLIS also updates its own jobline multiple times a week. The GSLIS Communications Office sends out emails about new jobs about once a week, with all of the updates throughout the week. The link is here. I find this website very helpful, and as a student got one of my part-time jobs because I applied after seeing it on this website. This joblist is not restricted to Massachusetts. Although it tends to have a lot more information about the New England area, there are also many posts about jobs throughout the country.
One benefit I hope I have with applying for jobs is the fact that I am not restricted to a specific area in the country. Finally, my nomadic ways will be of some use. I will update you guys with more information about my job hunt at a later date.